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Welcome to our "Projects" page, a window into Teneil's work in Malawi, Africa. Here, we invite you to delve into the remarkable initiatives that are shaping lives and communities.

Our mission goes far beyond the ordinary. As you navigate through these projects, you'll witness God's deep, loving transformation that has taken place. Join us on this extraordinary journey of change, expanding the kingdom of God here on earth and in Heaven.

"Well, God, if this is what you want you're going to have to

make it happen!"


In 2019, Teneil took on one of her biggest projects yet. With the financial support of social media sponsors, she embarked on an adventure to build a school in Malawi. Teneil not only oversaw the design and construction but also orchestrated the grand opening. This land that was nothing will now have generational impact, all because God planted a fun-filled dream in the heart of His adventurous daughter!


My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

John 15:12

While many students around the world enjoy free education, Malawi's secondary students face a harsh reality. School fees skyrocket to a staggering $50 USD per semester, an insurmountable obstacle for families surviving on an average income of just $640 USD a year. Instead of allowing these students to miss out on education, Teneil helps bridge the gap by covering fees, books, and uniforms to students who keep their grades and commitment high.

Teneil's support relies on donations from this website, as well as her Facebook and Instagram followers. With your help, we can rewrite the futures of these young learners in Malawi. Join us in making education accessible, one student at a time.


"One broken elbow, one man going blind, and one c-section... proper Malawi capacity in my car this morning."

How would your world change without access to doctors or hospitals? What consolations would you have to make? What injuries and illnesses would be ignored? This is the reality for many residents of Malawi. Without proper roads, access to vehicles, and regular gasoline shortages, families are often forced to go without medical treatment even when serious concerns arise.

One of Teneil's most consistent ministries is to drive the elderly, the young, the injured, and the sick to see doctors and specialists. Without her time and financial support, this trip would not be possible for many. Donations from her Facebook and church supporters allow Teneil to continue helping the most vulnerable to find care.


"When I tell you a little goes a long way? I mean it."

Between harsh storms and termite damage, many homes become unlivable in the harsh environment of rural Malawi. For the average family, making approximately $53 USD per month, general repairs are not an option.


Because of generous supporters, Teneil is able to help offset these costs. Major repairs and even rebuilds can be completed for under $200 USD. This relatively low amount provides families, mothers, and children with hope and safety. They can sleep in peace with this most basic need met.


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