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Not just a House, but a Home

This past year, Teneil and many helping hands from local villagers and friends built a home for a special little girl named Patricia, and her family.


A lot of thought and effort went into this project. From the brick patio walkways, hand made gutters and furniture, and hand painted details in Patricia's room, to name a few.....they built a home with lots of love! 



A special Thank You to Tee Alan Gee for creating this beautiful video of the project from start to finish.

Building Patricia and her family a house!!

A Mile in Their Shoes...

Teneil also helped to provide several prosthetic limbs for those in need in her area. She partnered with a Scottish based charity in Muzuzu, Malawi called 500 MILES CLINIC to have the limbs made and fitted.

The provision of a new limb can provide so much confidence and opportunity to someones life.The video of Peter walking on his new leg, shows how life changing this can be for a man in the village! 

Click the photo below of Teneil and the 500 MILES CLINIC STAFF to visit their website and find out more about what they are doing.


Shine the Light!!

Teneil is excited about completing solar lighting projects for families in her village. She partnered with Kuwalaenergy a Malawi based company that provides affordable and reliable solar energy. Teneil would love to continue to provide this important resource to other families in the village but needs your support and donations to do so.

For about $200 a family can receive the solar panels to power 4 light bulbs, a rechargeable radio and flashlight, and a power pack that can charge USB cables. This kind of resource can bring a wide range of opportunity in a village like this...from being able to study and read at night to earning extra income charging cell phones for a small fee, not to mention being able to listen to a radio for information and/or entertainment. This package also comes with a 1 year anything warranty and a 7 year bulb warranty.

If you would like to help provide a family in Malawi with solar energy please make your donation through our Donate page or by clicking the light bulb link below...